Smart children serie

2 titles fully illustrated pages

Two books designed for kindergarten, useful to help children become aware of the environment around them and to become more independent in their daily actions.

The first title, “The kindergarten”, tells what happens every day from morning to afternoon and all the activities carried out with the teacher and new friends; this book is useful for helping children who are afraid to leave the house.

The second title, “I can do it alone”, helps parents explain to children how to deal with the little things of everyday life; actions such as washing hands and wearing pajamas will be clear and positively explained.

Each spread includes significant words to learn and improve children’s vocabulary.


  • version A with 24 pages + ends
  • version B with 32 pages + 1 sheet of stickers
  • size 21,5 x 27,5 cm
  • printable in hardcover or softcover


The kindergarten
my giant find the Differences PADS
I can do it my myself